About BasKraft

The consulting company BasKraft is focused on team’s and organisation’s capability to create results together. There is a huge unrealised potential in groups of people that share a task but do not work together making it happen. This lost potential in a group translates into lost capability for the company to achieve its goals.

BasKraft help teams and organisations understand and realise their full potential. The result is better performance and a more rewarding work situation.

BasKraft’s area of expertise is team’s and organisation’s abilities to Lead & Manage together. We offer three main services that can be applied one at a time or in combinations – Measuring, Training and Strategy development.

Measure capabilities to Lead & Manage

The assessment tool “Team Alignment Indicator (TAI)” measures team's and organization's ability to Lead & Manage and create results together. Lead is defined as activities aimed at setting and changing direction, create shared understanding and creating and maintaining commitment. Manage is defined as activities aimed at prioritize, plan, execute, follow up and administer consequences - good or bad based on the quality of work - for those involved. With this tool you can set-up, measure and get into the important discussion in less than 15 minutes!

Leading and Managing are two types of tasks that must, over time, exist in parallel for a business to be sustainably successful.

It is important that formal managers and leaders have the skills to solve their assigned tasks. But BasKraft is based on the insight that the really good results will come when all employees involve themselves in the activities connected to Leading & Managing.

Assessing work environment

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast” said Peter Drucker. Organisation’s work environment has a huge impact on its ability to perform. Sometimes the characteristics of the work environment is labelled culture sometimes it is called other thing but they can all be summarised as “the way we do things here”.

We have a fairly good understanding of what needs to be done for a team or an organisation to be successful. We have gathered 24 of these activities in a self assessment tool that teams and organisations use to get an understanding of the present situation. Based on that understanding they can make a plan for how to develop the right activities leading to a successful execution of their strategy.

On-the-Job Lead & Manage training

BasKraft is more concerned with what successful leaders and managers do than who they are. There is a potential in personal development for the leader/manager but the potential is even bigger if a whole team is involved in Lead & Manage activities. On-the-Job Lead & Manage training is a six month program for managers. Its purpose is to develop the manager’s ability to involve the team members in Leading & Managing activities. The first and last days of the program are face to face meetings. The time in-between is on-the-job training combined with short meetings and e-learning, making it extra useful for geographically dispersed teams.

Differentiating strategy development process

A differentiating strategy is not an easy thing to create or implement. Traditionally strategy development has been an activity with few participants. When defined by these few, the strategy was implemented and then executed by other people than the inventors. BasKraft has turned this process on its head and developed a differntiating strategic process based on the principles of learning organisations. The outcome is a committed organisation with better understanding of what the strategy is and why it is a good strategy for the company and its customers.


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